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Bryan Brewer

June 1, 2024

Multi-Domain Strategy to Drive High intent traffic
James Curran

Who is searching for you? Where? How do you get the best traffic?  The best leads?  Velocimatic uses multiple domains to increase the traffic it receives, ensuring you get the highest quality and intent.

Velocimatic Reveals new Insurance Domain
David L. Brown

Following the merger of Real Life Technologies, Velocimatic obtains and a few others to increase its presence in the insurance vertical.

Atmos Life Quickly Growing and Increasing Impression Search Share
Jose Evans

Atmos Life is quickly becoming one of the top 5 larges impression share sites, with it's ease of use and responsive site.

AI Chat On Websites, Annoying or Productive?
Derek Bartoli

So, is it annoying or productive to talk to a bot, who you know is AI?  There's argument for both sides, that's for sure.

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