Effortless Engagement, Automatic Precision

We are a technology and vertical specific marketing company that accelerates sales success through advanced automation, omnichannel communication, and integrated platforms for sales professionals, agencies, law firms, agents, brokers, and more.

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One Stop Shop

Hight Intent Incoming, and all in one place!

Life Insurance, for example, is a highly competitive market.  Your clients are looking, so the name of the game.... is engagement.  With everything in ONE place, that's what you get.

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No more chasing

Our Automation allows you to ONLY "respond" which means you aren't chasing.


Want to see Tasks on the dashboard? Or how about the amount of money your kids spend on their phone? We can do it all! 

Pipeline Like No Other

Track your sales, engagement, quotes, responses, interest, applications, and move them along, rapidly.


Definition: Seamless and Effortless. This means SMS, Phone, Email, Social, ALL in ONE place!

Our Core Offering, Consumers

We started our business offering consumer data, or "leads" as you would call it.  Today, we don't just offer "leads" - we offer high intent consumers.

Search Impression

We constantly have our collecting sites range in the top 3 on Google impression shares.

Social Media

Having a big brand name behind you makes a difference, that's why our social media traffic performs so well.

It's Not Magic, It's Technology!

The tools today are extensive.  We employ our own tech to lead!

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The tools you get with Velocimatic

We add new tools and features regularly.

Recommended by leading experts In the Insurance & Real Estate Verticals

We Earn Every Praise

"I have been in the insurance business for over 20 years and when I came on as a beta tester, in about 5 minutes I knew this was something amazing. My small agency has gone from 12 agents to 30 in a little under a year. The best think, you ask - and they deliver!"

- Beverly Curran B&A Insurance Group

"These guys (and gals) are good. Very good. I wanted to target 45-60 for our term product over $200k and within a few days of tweaking, it was on the money, and has been ever since, best leads and clicks ever. I love the instant support chat in the system."

- Val Brooks-Thomas New York Life, Florida

"When you think about it, it's simple, but the way it's done is perfect and I am just amazed today as I was almost a year ago when I started. I do not ever, not once, have to chase a lead. Everything I do is strictly responsive. If you are selling life or health, you cannot do anything but this."

- Marc Evans Agency Owner, Guardian Life

"I bought my agency in 1990 and we grew quite large and we have never supplied a total system to all of our agents, over 200 now, and I was hesitant. The only complaint I have hear was to ask them to slow the incoming traffic down! And if you have your own agency, do the web branding, the forms and experience, well worth it."

- Charles Moody President, Home RE, Coldwell Banker

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