Our team

We are a growing company, so this is just a snapshot into who makes all this possible!

Bryan L. Brewer
CMO, Director

Bryan's role in Velocimatic is to create the user experience and interface in our products along with the marketing direction and tools the company uses.

Derek Bartoli
CTO, Director

Derek's 30 years of experience in the technology sector is paramount to the company's offerings and his ability to code is second to none.

Sherolyn Norris
VP, Director

Sherolyn's role in Velocimatic is to basically run the business and keep everyone on point. She manages success and she's great at it!

Julie Anderson
Marketing Director

Julie brings an ivy league approach to old school marketing and ensures our content hits the mark!

Clifford T. Bronson
UI/UX Designer

Cliff has some of the world's best training when it comes to UI/UX, he came from Meta, then Google! He's Amazing!

Michelle W. Baptiste
Designer, CSS Expert

Michelle is one of the best designers in the world (well, we think so) and she proves it everyday to our clients!

Interested in joining the team?

One of our most important core values is to partner with our employees because we know they are instrumental in the success of the company.

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